Explore nature. Expand your knowledge of edible and medicinal plants.

Explore nature. Expand your knowledge of edible and medicinal plants. Explore nature. Expand your knowledge of edible and medicinal plants.

What I Offer




Guided Hike: Wishing to see cascading falls or a sweeping mountain vista? Whether you're looking for an easy stroll or a sweat-breaking uphill climb, I can tailor your hike to your interests. A Guided Hike can range from 60 minutes to a full day’s excursion. 

Guided Plant Walk: Ever wonder what wild plants you could eat while walking on your favorite trail or what natural medicines may be found in your backyard? Wild edible and medicinal plants abound along both urban walkways and wilderness paths in any season. Many of these plants are easy to recognize, harvest and prepare for your own culinary delight or useful home remedy. Guided Plant Walks can run from 60 minutes to a full day exploration.


Forest Meditation: Take a walk  to a pristine locale and sit beneath the treetops where your worries fall away like leaves on the breeze. Forest Meditation begins with a practice in walking sensory awareness that prepares the body for a guided seated meditation that culminates in deep relaxation. Forest Meditations are 90 minutes or be paired with a Guided Hike or Plant Walk.

Forest Flow: Take your yoga mat to the woods! Fill your lungs with fresh air and allow the birdsong to be your soundtrack through a moving meditation healthful for both body and mind. Forest Flow sessions run 90 minutes and may be combined with a Guided Hike or Plant Walk. 

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Book the Botanical Hiker for your next group event or family outing. Corporate groups welcome.

Prices vary on location, duration, and number of attendees.

In conjunction with various non-profits and businesses, I offer a calendar of scheduled activities open to the public. 


What I Offer



When it comes to plants, there is always more to discover! My spectrum of topics is wide. Seminars usually utilize power-point and are enhanced with plants to touch, taste, or smell. Duration is 60 to 120 minutes. Seminars may be paired with a Guided Hike or Plant Walk. Some of the topics that I have offered are:

Seasonal Foraging: A showcase of the season’s edible and medicinal plants with a discussion of their properties as well as how to identify, harvest and prepare them.

Allergy Prevention with Herbs: Features a variety of herbs, both wild and cultivated, that can help to prevent or treat allergy symptoms.

Herbal Stress Relief: Features herbs to reduce stress, calm nerves, and promote sleep.

The Long Path: A Hike from New York City to the Adirondacks: The story of our hike on the 358-mile Long Path, including what wild plants we utilized, people we met, and animals we encountered.

It’s a Jungle Out There! An 1,100-mile Hike through Florida:A story-telling adventure on the little-known Florida Trail, riddled with swamps and gators, botanical finds, and beauty.

Edible and Medicinal Plants for the Backpacker: A discussion of the most useful plants for first aid and nutrition in regard to the hiker or backpacker.

Have an idea for a topic? I am happy to cater a talk your group’s interest!

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Seminars are perfect for hiking and garden clubs, environmental non-profits, resorts, and school groups. Corporate groups welcome. Prices vary on duration and location of event. I offer scheduled seminars open the public throughout the year.  


What I Offer



Let’s get those hands dirty! What better way to learn about the plants than to work with them hands-on. I offer an array of workshops that provide you will life-long skills for harvesting and preparing wild edible and medicinal plants. Some workshops I have offered are:

Medicinal Herbal Infusions: As a group we will prepare a medicinal infusion or decoction using wild plants. Learn about how to identify these plants and their many benefits while sipping your way to health.

Do-it-Yourself Herbal Salve: Together we will make a homemade salve using wild plants and simple ingredients. Each attendee takes home their own container of salve.

Presto, Pesto: Take part in preparing a delicious pesto made from plants harvested in the wild. Learn about the plants’ medicinal and nutritional benefits while sampling our finished product.

Wild Food Meal: First we’ll go for a walk, identifying the edible and medicinal plants we find. Afterwards we’ll sample these foods as part of a wild food meal with a participating local restaurant. 

Basics of Botany: Learn basic plant terminology to expand your understanding of the different anatomical parts of a plant. We will put our knowledge to the test in a field with a plant identification key.

Junior Naturalist: This one is for the kids! Children will learn about our wild plants through taste, touch and smell, take a stroll in the wild, and record their observations in a nature journal to take home.

Have an idea for a topic? I can cater a workshop based upon your group’s interest!

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Have a space? Have an idea? Let me know. Workshops are where the fun happens. Prices vary. I offer regularly scheduled workshops open to public throughout the year.